Local Emergency Numbers in Copenhagen

Who to call in the event of an emergency in Copenhagen and how to find a local hospital or out of hours pharmacy or doctor...

Poison Control Hotline

After-hours Doctors (Lægevagten)

Emergency Dentist (Tandlægevagten)

  • Københavns Tandlægeforening
    : Oslo Plads 14, Copenhagen Ø 2100
    Tel: 35 38 02 51
    Opening hours: Weekdays 20:00-21:30. Weekends and holidays 10:00-12:00 and 20:00-21:30. Extended hours from 24-31 December

Emergency Rooms and Hospitals

In the event of an accident or sudden illness (that was not a pre-existing condition), temporary visitors are entitled to free emergency medical treatment. Residents of other EU countries should carry their European Health Insurance Card in order to facilitate medical care.

The following central hospitals have 24-hour emergency wards:


Pharmacies in Copenhagen are marked by a green "A" sign which is the first letter in the Danish word for chemist: Apotek.

A set fee (regulated by the government) is charged for dispensing medications for new prescriptions outside of regular business hours.

24-hour pharmacies

  • Sønderbro Apotek
    : Amagerbrogade 158, Copenhagen S. 2300
    Tel: 32 58 01 40
  • Steno Apotek
    At: Vesterbrogade 6C, Copenhagen V. 1620 (opposite Copenhagen Central Station at Vesterbrogade)
    Tel: 33 14 82 66