Outdoor Activites in Copenhagen

Information on the facilities in Copenhagen for outdoors activities: walks, hikes, horse riding and cycling activities in the area...

Hiking and Walking

Hiking and walking are popular activities in Copenhagen and there are many designated footpaths in the city. There is also a Green Path (Grønne sti), for both hikers and cyclists that runs for approximately 9 Km from Lyngbyvejen, north of Nørrebro to Frederiksberg and Valby in the west. It is often referred to as The Nørrebro route.

The Danish Rambling Association (Dansk Vandrelaug) has a number of walking groups operating throughout the country.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Copenhagen prides itself on being one of the world's most bicycle-friendly cities, with an extensive system of cycle-paths, a well-used bicycle share scheme and public transport which accepts bicycles.

Copenhagen City Bikes was the world's first large-scale urban bicycle sharing system, launched in 1995. Today there are over 100 bike stands and users pay a refundable deposit.

Bicycles may also be taken on S-trains for free, and are admissible on the city's waterbuses. Bicycle rickshaws or 'velo taxis' are operated by commercial enterprises and often used for sightseeing purposes.


In Copenhagen it is possible to rent boats of all kinds, from steam or motor ships to a 100 year old sailing vessel.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Between May and September, it is possible to explore Copenhagen's canals by canoe or kayak. There are organised tours available which include professional instructors and commentary.

In Copenhagen's northern suburbs, the 30 Km long river, Moelleaaen (the Millstream), flows through forests and parks, from Bastrup Lake to Oeresund, with opportunities for camping, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. This area is accessible by S-train to Farum and onwards by bus.


The greater Copenhagen area is home to 35 golf courses, ranging from 9 holes to 27, many of which offer pay-and-play courses for families as well as equipment rental.

Horse Riding

There are opportunities for horse riding just north of Copenhagen in Noerreskov, or the North Forest, which has riding paths and ponies available for all levels of riders. This area is accessible by S-train to Farum.

In Gribskov on Zealand there is a network of intersecting riding paths through the deciduous forests. Gribskov is accessible by S-train to Hilleroed and onwards by local train to Duemose.


In the winter months there are skating rinks in Nørrebro and Valby, with equipment rental.