Watersports and Beaches in Copenhagen

Find out about the facilities for watersports in the harbours, canals and beaches around Copenhagen…

Copenhagen is located on the east side of Zealand Island (Sjælland), and its surrounding water, including the harbour and numerous canals, are ideal for water activities. Swimming, sailing, kayaking, waterskiing, and wind surfing are popular water sports.

Water Quality

The Danish government has worked hard to improve Copenhagen's water quality so that harbours and waterways can be used for recreation. The quality of the water in Nordhavn Harbour is the same standard as many of the Blue Flag beaches along Copenhagen's coastline.

Harbour Baths

Copenhagen has five Harbour Baths at Islands Brygge which are very popular among locals. There are no changing rooms, however. There is also a floating harbour swimming bath called the Copencabana, near the Fisketorvet shopping mall. Both bathing facilities have lifeguards on duty. The open harbour bathing season is from 1 June to 31 August.

Beaches in Copenhagen

Svanemølle Beach: This beach in Svanemølle Bay was built in 2010 and involved moving 23,000 cubic meters of sand to create 4,000 square metres of beach. It is very popular and offers bathing facilities for all ages.

Amager Strandpark: This beach is 5 Km from the centre of Copenhagen. It offers clean water, a sheltered bay, cafes, bars, and playgroup facilities.

Bellevue: Bellevue Beach is in Klampenborg which is 10 Km north of Copenhagen. It is quite a small beach that can become crowded.

Charlottenlund: Situated 9 Km north of Copenhagen, it has a popular beach and also offers other activities, for example, play areas and the Arboretum. To get there, take the number 14 bus or the S-train.


Kayaking around Copenhagen's harbour and canals is another way to see the city and there is no need for any prior training. Kayaks can be rented out by anyone over 15 years. There are group tours of the harbour which start from Strandgade, go via the harbour and then follow Christianhavn's canal.

Kayak rental and tours are available daily between April and October, and to protect the natural environment, canoeing is regulated.


Windsurfing, speedsurfing and kitesurfing are year round activities in Denmark. Amager Strandpark is a popular spot for windsurfers. The lagoon's flat water makes it a suitable place for both beginner and advanced surfers.

In Denmark, a windsurfer must give way to all other sailors. Windsurfers should also not cross shipping channels or sail out into areas where there is commercial navigation.

Further information on water sports is available (in Danish) from the Danish Boardsailing Association.