Bus, Train and Metro Services in Copenhagen

Find out how to get around Copenhagen using the city's public transport network…

Public transport within the city of Copenhagen, by train, bus or metro, is divided into zones which are differentiated by different colours. At bus stops and stations, there are coloured zone maps which enable passengers to calculate the fare for their journey. Tickets purchased are valid on all types of public transport. The price of the journey depends on the most expensive zone (the zone furthest away) travelled through.


Copenhagen has a very effective train system with a good infrastructure.

The Danish railway service is run by DSB. The main railway station in Copenhagen is the Hovedbanegaarden station and is located in the Vesterbro district. The station is served by S-trains, regional trains, InterCity trains and international trains. The local city trains in Copenhagen are called S-trains and the stations are marked by a red S.

Tickets and travel passes can be purchased at all major stations in Copenhagen, by telephone or over the internet.
For information about train services or to book or buy a ticket contact:

  • DSB Customer Centre
    : 70 13 14 15

The staff at DSB are English-speaking and the Customer Centre contact number has a welcome message in English. There is also a tutorial on ordering tickets available to download online: Click here (PDF).

  • For the DSB journey planner for all public transport and a map of the railway lines: Click here
  • To download a map of the S-train lines and a timetable: Click here (PDF)


Special tariffs are available for elderly people, students, children, people with disabilities and groups. Discounts can also be obtained if travelling at certain hours during the day. Contact DSB for more detailed information.


The Metro in Copenhagen has two lines - the M1 and the M2 which run from Vanløse to Vestamager in the suburbs and Copenhagen Airport. The Metro is the fastest way of getting to and from Copenhagen city centre.

The trip from the airport to the centre takes less than 15 minutes. The Metro station at the airport is located underneath Terminal 3. Trains run roughly every four minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Tickets are available from Metro ticket machines found in all Metro stations, including the airport.

All Metro trains are fully automatic and driverless, although there are stewards onboard the trains.


Dogs are welcome on the Metro in Copenhagen provided that they are on a leash and that they do not bother other passengers. A dog ticket must be purchased for all dogs apart from guide dogs and small dogs carried in bags.

Note: The first six seats and the last six seats in every train are reserved for allergic passengers and dogs should be kept away from these areas.


A bike-ticket or bike ten-strip card must be purchased when travelling on the Metro with a bicycle. There are signs on the floor of the platform indicating where bikes can be placed on the train.

Note: Bikes are not allowed on the Metro between 07:00-09:00 and 15:30-17:30, except during the months of June, July and August.

Passengers with disabilities

The Metro has been designed so that people with disabilities should be able to use it with as little assistance as possible. Wheelchair users, for example, should be able to board the trains without assistance due to their step-less entrance. There are Metro stewards onboard the trains to assist if needed, however.


Buses in Copenhagen are operated by Movia.

They are either yellow, yellow and blue (A-buses) or yellow and red (S-buses - the fastest). Bus stops are marked with a yellow sign. Tickets can be bought from ticket offices, vending machines at stations or from bus drivers. Children under the age of 12 travel free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

Night buses

Night buses operate throughout Copenhagen between the hours of 01:00 - 05:00, and are shown with the letter N preceding the route number.

Travel Cards

It is possible to buy a travel card or a travel pass at a discount for certain events and time periods in Copenhagen.

City Pass Copenhagen Card

The City Pass allows unlimited travel by S-train, bus and Metro within zones 1-4 in Copenhagen. The Pass can be purchased for either 24 or 72 hours. Up to two children under the age of 12 can travel free when accompanied by an adult with a valid City Pass.

Copenhagen Card

The Copenhagen Card is valid for either 24 or 72 hours and provides the following:

  • Unlimited travel by S-train, bus and Metro throughout Copenhagen as well as to and from the airport
  • Access to more than 60 tourist attractions in Copenhagen
  • Discounts on car hire, restaurants, shops, and more

Two children under the age of 10 are included free with each adult Copenhagen Card.

  • For information about the Copenhagen Card from the official Copenhagen Tourist site: Click here

The Copenhagen Card can be purchased online (allow at least 10 days for delivery) or at various sales points in the city and at the airport.

  • To purchase online, or for information about sales points in Copenhagen: Click here

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