Giving Notice of Marriage in Denmark

Understand the procedure for giving marriage notice and find out what you have to do in order to get married in Denmark...

It is necessary to submit a Notice of Marriage to the Marriage Office (Vielseskontoret) in the municipal authority (Kommune) where one of the couple resides. This is generally done in person. If the couple wants to get married in another Kommune, the Notice of Marriage should be submitted to the municipality where the marriage is to take place.

The Notice of Marriage is basically a document completed by both parties. It is submitted to the municipality who then verify that the marriage can take place.

Some municipalities require that the couple getting married reside in their municipality for between two to six days before giving permission for the marriage to take place. Check requirements with the municipality beforehand.

A fee of DKK500 for verifying the conditions for marriage applies for non-residents. For residents there is no fee. The Notice of Marriage Form must be submitted for both civil and religious ceremonies.

Note: many municipality offices close at midday on Fridays.

Documents required

The couple must present the following information and documents in order to give notice of marriage in Denmark and to fix a date for the wedding ceremony. All documents must be in English, German or Danish; if they are in another language they must be translated by an approved translator.

  • Original birth certificates
  • Valid passports. If names on these documents are different an official court decree of the name change must also be provided
  • A declaration stating they are not related by blood, through marriage or through adoption
  • Registration of family status which must not be more than two months old
  • A declaration regarding any biological or adopted children the couple has, or if they are expecting any by another man or woman
  • Proof of marital status
  • Proof of address
  • Visa or proof of entry and arrival into Denmark may be required
  • If one of the people wishing to get married is under 18 years old then permission must be obtained from the relevant authorities - in Copenhagen, the "Overpraesidium"/Prefect of Copenhagen and outside Copenhagen, the prefect of the county within which the under 18 is residing
  • Additionally, if one of the parties is under 18 years, the parents/guardian must consent to the marriage

If either of the couple has been previously married a final divorce decree is required and a statement declaring that both people are free to marry. It is necessary for Danish authorities to approve foreign divorce decrees before a marriage can take place. It is advisable to get a statement from the Court Clerk where the divorce took place which should include the original divorce decree, file number and date of the divorce and a statement that no appeal is pending.

If either of the couple is widowed, a death certificate or probate court certificate is required.

Evidence that all community property has been legally divided must be presented if either of the couple is divorced or widowed.

Documents from outside Europe (except USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) have to be legalised from the Ministry of foreign Affairs and from the Danish Embassy in the country where the documents were issued.

Certificate of Verification

A Certificate of Verification is given to the couple if the marriage is to be performed by an authority other than where the verification has taken place and if all conditions for marriage are met. The Certificate of Verification should then be submitted to the municipal authority that will register the marriage, it must not have been issued more than four months before the marriage takes place.