Marriage for Non-residents in Denmark

Understand the regulations relating to non-residents wishing to be married in Denmark...

A non-resident wishing to get married in Denmark is required to contact the relevant municipality (Kommune) beforehand, and send the relevant documentation, either by email or by post. There is a fee to pay, and a proof of payment of the examination fee must be sent together with the application. In Copenhagen the couple must visit the relevant office in person. If all the correct documentation is sent, an appointment for the marriage to take place can be made.

It is normally required for the couple getting married to personally visit the Marriage Office in the municipality with all the original documents and the fee at least three days before the marriage is due to take place. This allows time for the processing of the documents. At least a two-week stay in Denmark is recommended if the couple does not live in Denmark.

For more information about the procedures necessary to book a marriage appointment contact the Kommune where the marriage is to take place. Below is a list of the main offices in Denmark: