The Ceremony

Understand what to expect during the wedding ceremony and find out how to change your surname after marriage...

For a civil ceremony, the marriage is generally performed by a registrar. The mayor or deputy mayors are, in some municipalities, also empowered to occasionally perform a marriage ceremony. Two witnesses are required for a marriage to take place. These may be provided by the couple or by the municipality.

After the marriage the Marriage Book must be signed. Once the marriage has taken place and the marriage form completed, the married couple will receive an international marriage certificate in five languages. It is possible to have the certificate legalised.


In general, a civil ceremony can take place in English, Danish or German. A translator is permitted if one of the couple speaks another language.

Changing Surnames

It is normal for women in Denmark to keep their maiden name after the marriage. However, it is possible to change name on the day of marriage. To do so the relevant form should be completed and submitted prior to the marriage taking place.

It is not possible for people not living in Denmark to change their name, unless they are Danish.