Higher Education in Denmark

Find out about the further education options available to students at colleges and universities in Denmark, including vocational training…

Higher education in Denmark is divided into two sectors: the university sector and the college sector (for professionally oriented higher education).

There are eight universities in Denmark:

  • The University of Copenhagen
  • The University of Aarhus (including the Aarhus School of Business and the Danish School of Education)
  • The University of Southern Denmark
  • Roskilde University
  • Aalborg University
  • The Technical University of Denmark
  • The Copenhagen Business School
  • The IT University of Copenhagen

The degree structure is based on three levels - Bachelor, Candidatus (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Other tertiary institutions

There are also specialist university-level institutions specialising in architecture, art, music, and other subjects. University Colleges (professionshøjskoler) offer medium-cycle programmes, mainly professional bachelor's degrees. Academies of Professional Higher Education (erhvervsakademier) offer short-cycle programmes which are usually two-year Academy Professional degrees.

Financial support for students

Students in further education can obtain financial support (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte - SU) from the government to cover their living costs, as well as subsidies for transport costs while attending youth or higher education programmes; the subsidies are paid monthly. In addition to SU, students can also apply for a loan.

Normally only Danish citizens can apply for SU, but foreigners may apply if they are considered to have equal status. For example, a student who has moved to Denmark with their parents before the age of 20 may be eligible to apply.