Medical Services in Denmark

Information on the hospitals, health clinics, dentists and pharmacies available in Denmark...

Doctors and Specialists

After completing an application for a health card at the local municipality, a list of general practitioners in the area is provided. The list indicates which doctors are accepting new patients, and which doctors speak English. All residents of Denmark are free to choose their GP. Once a GP has been chosen, the name address and contact details of the GP appear on the health card. It is possible to change GP; however, there is a fee. If changing GP due to a change of address, there is no fee.

An appointment is required to see a GP. Doctors surgeries are generally open between 08:00 and 16:00 and may be open one evening during the week. Most medical examinations and treatments are free of charge, such as visits to a GP. However, dental treatment is not covered by the public health care system, although it is provided free of charge to children under 18. Patients have to pay some of the cost for visits to a chiropractor, psychologist or physiotherapist.

A referral from a general practitioner (GP) is needed to see specialists, but not dentists, eye specialists and ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists.


Patients who do not speak Danish can request that an interpreter be present for appointments with a doctor, nurse or midwife or in a hospital. An interpreter is provided free of charge.


In the event of a serious injury or illness, patients can go direct to an emergency room in a hospital. More serious cases are treated first, so waiting times can be long. Contact an emergency room if possible before arrival.

Residents are free to choose any public hospital; however, if public hospitals for some reason cannot provide treatment, a patient can receive free treatment at a private hospital which has an agreement with regional authorities.

For non-urgent treatment or examinations at a hospital, a referral from a GP is required.

Chemists or Pharmacies

Most chemists are open from 09:30-17:30 on weekdays and from 09:30-12:00 or 09:30-14:00 on Saturdays. It is necessary to contribute to the cost of medicines. Low income earners may be eligible for subsidies.


  • Dial 112

Emergency hospital treatment is free of charge for everyone. To see a doctor outside consultation hours call the emergency service (lægevagt). Telephone numbers are available from local municipalities.