Buying Property in Denmark

Find out what to expect when purchasing a house or apartment in Denmark...

There are some restrictions for foreigners wanting to buy property in Denmark.

Unless foreigners are permanent residents in Denmark and have lived in the country for a period of at least five consecutive years, Danish law states that they must obtain permission from the Danish Ministry of Justice (Justitsministeriet) to buy property.

Residents of European Union countries, or companies domiciled in a member state can, in some circumstances, buy property without first obtaining permission from the Ministry of Justice: for example, if the property is to be used as a permanent residence.

In all cases, the Civil Law Division of the Danish Ministry of Justice should be contacted in advance. An application for permission to buy property should include:

  • Information about the property to be bought
  • Copy of residence permit

Permission is generally granted if the property is to be used as a permanent residence and inhabited all year round. There are restrictions on foreigners buying holiday homes in popular areas of the Danish coast.

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