Disconnecting Utilities

Find out how to terminate a contract with electricity, gas and telephone suppliers when moving house in Denmark…

Electricity and gas

The main utility provider and network operator in Denmark is Dong Energy, which provides both electricity and gas.

  • Dong Energy
    : 72 10 20 30
    Open: Monday to Wednesday from 08:00-16:00 and Friday from 08:00-15:00

To disconnect the electricity or gas supply, customers should contact the supplier between three days and one month before moving out.

To disconnect the supply, customers should provide their customer number (kundenummer) and account number (kontonummer) which is on the utility bill. The supplier should be provided with a final meter reading within five days of moving out; the final bill is then sent out within 14 days.


To disconnect landline telephone services, the telephone company should be contacted at least one week before moving out; however, it is advisable to inform the telephone company at least one month before moving.