Moving Out of Rental Accommodation

Understanding the process of moving out of rented accommodation in Denmark, including how to terminate a tenancy agreement...

Short-term rental contracts may not be terminated before the end of the fixed rental period. The only exception being when a member of the diplomatic corps has a diplomatic clause (diplomatklausul) included in the tenancy agreement.

A long-term contract may be terminated by the tenant with three months' notice given verbally or in writing (it is strongly advised to give notice in writing). If a tenant is renting a room in a landlord's house, one month's notice is sufficient.

Vacating the property

The tenant must vacate the property by 12:00 on moving day.

Within eight days of leaving, the tenant must provide the landlord with a forwarding postal address.

Within two weeks the landlord must provide details of any refurbishment costs that will be deducted from the deposit (normal wear and tear is accepted and there is no charge for this). The deposit is returned to the tenant once any necessary repairs have been carried out.

Note: if a tenancy agreement includes the term nyistandsat (brand-new condition) the rental property must be restored to its original condition when moving out, or it is unlikely that any of the deposit will be refunded.