Danish Postal Codes and the Post Office

Information about the postal system in Denmark, including how to send and receive mail and how to find a Danish postcode...

In Denmark postal services are run by Post Danmark. Their website, which is available in English provides comprehensive information on all of their services including buying stamps, posting letters and parcels and finding a nearby post office.

Postal Codes in Denmark (Danske Postnumre)

Most Danish postcodes are made up of four digits, with the exception of some special purpose three digit codes. The self-governed Faroe Islands also have a three digit postcode. New regulations have added a DK to all postcodes, so that they take the form DK-XXXX, but the letters are often omitted. There is a geographic pattern to Danish postcodes which indicate where an address is. They are based on the division of towns and municipalities in 1967 when postcodes were implemented in the country.

Danish postcodes are as follows:

  • Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and vicinity: 1000-2999
  • Northern Zealand: 3000-3699
  • Bornholm: 3700-3799
  • Central, Southern and Western Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn: 4000-4999
  • Funen and Isles: 5000-5999
  • Southern and parts of Western Jutland : 6000-6999
  • Western Jutland and southern parts of Eastern Jutland: 7000-7999
  • Eastern Jutland: 8000-8999
  • Northern Jutland: 9000-9999

The Post Danmark website has a postcode search facility.

  • To find a postcode in Denmark, Greenland or the Faroe Islands : Click here

Danish Addresses

In Denmark addresses should be written as follows:

  • Recipient
  • Street Address (the number usually comes after the street name)
  • Postcode and city
  • Denmark

Any extra information, such as a company or building name, should be written after the first line of the address.

For example:

  • Name
    Lundsgade 15
    1682 Copenhagen

Mail and Postal Services

Post offices and boxes

Post Danmark operates post offices (posthus), around the country. The Post Danmark website has a search facility (in Danish) allowing users to locate their nearest post office. As well as the post office location the search also gives opening hours and a list of the services available.

  • To search for a post office: Click here and select Find posthuset from the menu on the right. Then, enter an address, postcode or city in the box, or click on the map

Post shops, offering some services, are also found in some shops and supermarkets.

Danish post boxes (postkasse) are red. They can be found outside all post offices and around villages, towns and cities. The Post Danmark site also has a search facility to find a nearby post office.

  • To search for a post box: Click here and select Find postkassen from the menu on the right. Then, enter an address, postcode or city in the box, or click on the map

Stamps and posting costs

Stamps can be purchased at post offices and online from the Post Danmark website. They can also be purchased from some newsagents.

  • To purchase stamps online: Click here and select Stamps

Letters and parcels

The cost of postage depends on the size of a letter and the service used. Economy letters, which can weigh up to two Kg, are transported more slowly and therefore cost less. To be classed as a letter, a package must not exceed a length of 60cm and a combined length, width and thickness of 90cm. Items larger than this are classed as parcels.

Parcels are classed as items for postage which do not exceed 20 Kg in weight. Parcels posted to destinations within Denmark are delivered the next day provided they are posted at a post office during normal working hours. The cost of posting a parcel depends on its size and weight and whether any additional services such as registered post or insurance are included.

There are two parcel sending services for international parcels depending on the price paid and the time taken to deliver. There are rules regarding what can be sent overseas and they depend on the destination country. More information can be obtained from post offices or from the embassy or consulate for the country in question. It is the responsibility of the sender to check if customs clearance is required for the items being sent.

The English version of the Post Danmark website includes a calculator to find the cost of posting a letter or parcel both within Denmark and internationally.

  • To use the online calculator: Click here and select Postal Calculator

Registered mail

Post Danmark offers a registered mail service for letters addressed anywhere in the world and within Denmark for parcels. Items to be sent by registered post should be securely packaged and taken to a post office. In rural areas a postman can deal with registered items. A receipt is always given when using the registered mail service.