Rental Agreements - Private Property

Understand the different elements of the tenancy contract and the obligations of the landlord and tenant when renting property in Denmark...

Private properties are generally rented for a minimum of three months, but normally have a fixed rental period of one to three years. Tenancy contracts (lejekontrakt) for a longer period of time are also available.

The rental agreement stipulates the terms and conditions of rental and rental rates. It is prepared by the landlord or agent - often using authorised forms - and is signed by the landlord (or estate agent on behalf of the landlord) and the tenant. While a written lease is not obligatory unless requested by either landlord or tenant, it is strongly recommended to request a tenancy agreement in writing. (All public housing tenant agreements must have a written lease).

Lease agreements in Denmark should include the following:

  • Owner's name and address, and that of their agent
  • Tenants name (all tenants if rented jointly)
  • Start date of the contract
  • Duration of the contract and renewal terms
  • Rental amount and terms of revision/increase
  • Method of payment
  • Amount and form of the deposit
  • Type of accommodation (house, apartment, mixed dwelling)
  • Description of common areas in apartment buildings
  • A description of the property (number of rooms, garage, garden, cellar)

Rental contracts are usually accompanied by an inventory report which describes fittings and fixtures and their condition. Although not mandatory, it is common practice to have an inventory report.

Types of rental contract

There are two types of rental agreement:

  1. Limited Tenancy: Used for short-term rentals, this is agreement is limited to the duration of the signed contract between the two parties (a minimum of three months); notice to terminate may not be given except by mutual agreement of both landlord and tenant. The monthly rental amount is fixed and does not increase during this period. It is up to the landlord and tenant to renew the arrangement after the contract has ended.
  2. Unlimited Tenancy: This contract applies to long-term lease agreements. It is for an unlimited period of time and may be terminated by the tenant with three months' notice. There are three lease agreement types: Lejekontrakt typeformular A, B and U which each has a particular function.


On application for a lease, the tenant must provide their CPR number, a personal identification number which is obtained on registering with the Civil Registration System for temporary or permanent residence.