Terminating a Lease Agreement

Information on ending a rental contract in Denmark and what to do in the event of a conflict with the landlord...

Short-term rental contracts may not be terminated before the end of the fixed rental period. The only exception being when a member of the diplomatic corps has a diplomatic clause (diplomatklausul) included in the tenancy agreement.

A long-term contract may be terminated by the tenant with three months' notice given verbally or in writing (it is strongly recommended to give notice in writing). If a tenant is renting a room in a landlord's house, one month's notice is sufficient.

The contract may only be terminated by the landlord if the tenant fails to fulfil their obligations as stipulated within the tenancy agreement (for example not paying rent on time), or if the landlord is to renovate or demolish the property, or occupy the property themselves.

After giving notice but before leaving the property, the tenant is obliged to make the place available for visits from prospective tenants and for inspections (although this must be at a time agreed with the tenant and may not be take more than two hours every alternate day).

Vacating the property

The tenant must vacate the property by 12:00 on moving day.

Within eight days of leaving, the tenant must provide the landlord with a forwarding postal address.

Within two weeks the landlord must provide details of any refurbishment costs that will be deducted from the deposit (normal wear and tear is accepted and there is no charge for this). The deposit is returned to the tenant once any necessary repairs have been carried out.

Note: that if a tenancy agreement includes the term nyistandsat (brand-new condition) the rental property must be restored to its original condition when moving out, or it is unlikely that any of the deposit will be refunded.

The EU's Tenant’s Rights Brochure for Denmark is a comprehensive guide to renting property - with details on 'Ending the tenancy' on page 25 (PDF)  

Conflict Resolution

In the event of a conflict between landlords and tenants, tenants can contact the Danish Tenants' Union (Lejernes Landsorganisation - LLO). Tenants are relatively well protected by Danish law and the LLO can provide information and advice on problems related to tenancy or eviction. The membership fee to join the LLO can be paid on a 6- or 12-month basis.

  • LLO At: Reventlowsgade 14, 4th floor, 1651 Copenhagen Tel: 33 86 09 10 Fax: 33 86 09 20 email
Further Information
  • Website borger.dk has much useful information, in Danish