Electricity and Gas

Find out how to get connected to Danish electricity and gas suppliers...

Utility Providers

Denmark's electricity market is divided up so that a consumer has two utilities, a supplier (elleverandøren) and a grid company/network operator (netselskabet). A network operator owns the cables and wires that go out to the individual consumer and is responsible for a secure supply of electricity to a customer, providing energy advice, as well as information about electrical safety and the markets.

The electricity supplier buys electricity on the open market and sells it to customers. The network operator can also be the electricity provider - in this case there is one electricity account, as the electricity provider also collects payment for the network operator. If the electricity provider is a different company, there can be two accounts, depending on their agreement.

The main utility provider and network operator in Denmark is Dong Energy (known as Orsted), which provides both electricity and gas.

Getting connected

To connect or disconnect the electricity or gas supply, customers can contact the supplier two months before moving. The latest that the supplier can be notified is 10 working days before moving out and 14 working days after moving in.

To disconnect the supply, customers should provide their customer number (Kundenummer) and account number (Kontonummer) which is on the utility bill. Provide the supplier with a final meter reading. The final bill is then sent within 14 days.

Customers may switch electricity and gas suppliers without cost. Rates are regulated by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority. Customers can choose between a fixed price and a variable price when creating an account with a provider.

Orsted (Dong Energy) has more on how to disconnect the electricity supply.

Utility emergencies

  • Gas - Tel: 112
  • Electricity - Tel: 72 10 20 30