Television in Denmark

Getting to grips with TV standards, understanding where and how to pay the radio and TV licence fees, and what's available to the TV viewer in Denmark…

The television transmission standard in Denmark is PAL. In order for foreign television sets to work in the country, they should be compatible with this standard. There are three main television/video standards in use throughout the world.

  • NTSC: used in the USA, Canada, Japan and some other countries
  • PAL: used in most of Western Europe, Australasia and South Africa
  • SECAM: used in France, parts of the Middle East and Eastern Europe

Terrestrial and Digital TV

The state television channel in Denmark is DR (Radio of Denmark), which is funded through a licence fee. The other main television network is TV2, which has a range of programmes as well as a number of regional channels.

Most TV channels, such as DR, are in Danish but some show original programmes in English with Danish subtitles. Foreign TV shows are never dubbed (unless they are for children) and most of the Danish channels with English-speaking films have Danish subtitles.

Denmark switched to digital television in November 2009.

  • For further information on digital television in Denmark: Click here

Satellite and Cable TV

In order to subscribe to cable, satellite or Internet television packages, an address in Denmark and a CPR number is required.

Most satellite and cable packages include UK and US channels. To watch satellite TV, a satellite dish and satellite TV receiver box are required. The set-up process is generally straightforward. Once a provider is chosen, an appointment is made to come to the home and install a cable link or satellite dish.

Television service providers generally operate a monthly direct debit arrangement and fees vary according to what package or services are required.

The main providers of subscription channels in Denmark are Viasat and Canal Digital. Many telephone providers also offer TV packages as part of their subscription.

The most basic TV packages may not include many English channels. However, there are many subscription packages available which have channels with programmes in English, for example TV 3+. The main packages supplied by all providers include films, news, documentaries, sports, films and childrens' programmes.

Television Licences

A media licence is required for anyone with a television, radio, video, DVD player or computer with Internet access. A radio licence is available for households with radios only.

This fee is paid to the state and is collected by DR licens. Anyone over the age of 18 with an appliance, whether owned, rented or borrowed, needs to register within 14 days of getting the appliance. The fee is paid in advance every six months, or monthly, and covers the licence holder, spouse and children registered at the same address as the licence holder. The licence also covers appliances in a licence holder's secondary home, car and boat.

  • It is possible to register for the licence online: Click here (in Danish)
  • For further information on the media licence: Click here

Anyone found with a broadcasting appliance and no licence may be liable for a fine.