Paying Utility Bills in Denmark

Find out how to pay your electricity and gas bill and understand the service charges and pricing...

Bills are based on an estimate of consumption, and are adjusted annually when meters are read. Bills must be paid within approximately 14 days of receiving the bill, and can be paid in the following ways:

  • Internet banking – no fee is charged
  • At banks or post offices – a fee of DKK 10.00-15.00 is charged for each account
  • PBS Betalingsservice – this is a direct debit service operated by banks.
The amount of the utility bill includes a number of services:

  • Supplier's fee: this includes a subscription fee, including administration and customer service
  • Electricity price per kilowatt hour (may also be called market electricity, free electricity, quarterly electricity, or basic electrical)
  • Network operator's/grid company's fee: covers fixed costs and includes meter payment, administration, and customer service
Utility bills are sent in Danish. Dong Energy has an explanation in English of invoices and what they include.

The City of Copenhagen also has details on how to pay utility bills