English-language Media in Denmark

Information about the local and international English-language print and broadcast media that is available in Denmark...

In Denmark there are a number of options for those seeking English-speaking radio and television channels, as well as print publications.

English-language Print Media

Most major publications are available online as well as in print. For a more portable digital version, apps like the Daily Mail Online App from the UK's Daily Mail Group allow the latest news to be read on a phone or tablet, often for a much less than the cost of a subscription.

Most major newspapers from Britain and the US are available in Copenhagen at newsstands and kiosks. There are also many fashion and lifestyle magazines in English.

The Copenhagen Post: English-language newspaper published every Friday. Articles on Danish news and events, business, culture, sport and a classifieds section.

Online news in English


Copenhagen Calling is an English-language radio programme, broadcast from Denmark and produced by Banns Radio International. It includes Danish and business news, as well as interviews with Danes on political, cultural and economic issues. Dr Nyheder also has some radio broadcasts in English, as well as articles in English on their website.

BBC World Service can be received on digital FM 90.2, BBC iPlayer and Satellite Hot Bird 8-13ยบ East.

The main BBC stations and other English-language radio can also be received via many satellite TV installations or over the Internet. Previously broadcast programmes can often be listened to again or downloaded.

Voice of America is also available on shortwave.

Radio on the Internet: English-language stations online

Radio stations often stream their broadcasts on the Internet. In order to listen to their programmes it is necessary to have RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, both of which can be downloaded.


All foreign films shown on Danish television are in the original language with Danish subtitles. Most foreign interviews on the Danish news are broadcast in their original language with subtitles in Danish.

Most satellite and cable packages include UK and US channels. The main providers of subscription channels in Denmark are Viasat and Canal Digital.

Many telephone providers also offer TV packages as part of their subscription. The most basic TV packages may not include many English channels. However, there are many subscription packages available which have channels with programmes in English, for example TV 3+.

International News Links

Angloinfo delivers an extensive English-language news service, drawn from sources around the world.

International online news