Drinks in Denmark

Find out about the different drinks of Denmark, with details about some of the famous Danish beers…

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Denmark and the country has more breweries per capita than any other country in Europe. The most popular type of beer is Pilsner.

Carlsberg is Denmark's biggest brewery although microbreweries such as Amager Bryghus are coming back into fashion. Seasonal beers are also very popular in Denmark, especially Christmas beer called Jul øl. Every November Danes celebrate J-dag which is the day when the Christmas beer is officially released and bars are crowded with people.

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Other popular beverages in Denmark include:

  • Akvavit/Schnapps: Clear spirit made from potatoes and flavoured with herbs or spices
  • Mead/Mjød: Honey wine, produced by fermenting a honey and water solution. Can be flavoured with hops, fruits or spices
  • Gløgg: Hot punch, very similar to mulled wine. Made of red wine, sherry and brandy
  • Hyldeblomstsaft: Cordial made with elderflower. Can be served hot in winter but is generally served cold

Further Information

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