Fishing in Denmark

Information on fishing and the permits required for the fresh water rivers, lakes and dams of Copenhagen as well as sea fishing off the Danish coast...

Denmark is renowned for its varied fishing waters; it has an extensive coastline for sea and deep sea fishing, as well as many freshwater rivers, streams and lakes. Fishing is possible year-round, from angling in the long summer evenings to ice-fishing in the winter.

Fishing Licences and Regulations

A fishing licence is obligatory when fishing in natural waters in and around Denmark. The licence is valid for one year and may be obtained at Danish post offices, local tourist offices and certain fishing and tackle shops. For tourists, licences valid for one day or one week are also available. Licences are not necessary for those below 18 or above 65 years of age.

Fishing rights in natural lakes and streams are nearly always private, but are often let to local angling societies, which issue day or week cards. At many such locations, boats can be rented with fishing rights included, and local tourist offices can give detailed advice on freshwater fishing in the area.

Holders of official fishing permits may fish free of charge in the territorial seas, with two rods per person being the accepted number among Danish anglers. There is a year-round 100m net-free zone along all Danish coasts in order to protect migrating salmon.

In trout lakes, regulations vary. In some locations only spinning and fly fishing are permitted, and in others natural bait such as worms and corn may be used. The administrators of some lakes impose limits on the number of fish that may be caught, while others demand a basic fee for the ticket and additional fees for every fish caught. Information on the trout lakes in a specific area can be obtained from the local tourist office or local tackle shops, which should also provide advice on weather, season and local conditions.

Anglers are obliged to seek information on any fishing restrictions and close seasons. Information and addresses of angling societies may be obtained from:

Danish Deep Sea Fishing Regions

The rich variety of waters surrounding Denmark offer challenging sea fishing throughout the year. They include the North Sea, the Skagerrak, the Kattegat, the Little Belt, the Great Belt, the Langeland Belt, the Sound and the Baltic Sea. In most of these seas, charter boats depart regularly for deep sea fishing trips. Denmark's domestic waters generally offer large numbers of cod, flatfish, garfish and herring.


North Jutland is characterised by deep sea fishing, and the Yellow Reef is the focal point for anglers, where cod, catfish, flatfish, mackerel, pollack, coalfish and ling can be found. The Limfjord and Mariager Fjord have good shore fishing for sea trout and garfish.

The interior has many estuaries with steelhead and brown trout, as well as the small rivers of Ry, Voer, Lerkenfeld, Skals and Simested, which contain sea trout.

There are also many trout lakes, while the lakes of Viborg, Hald, Glenstrup and Tange offer a rich choice of pike, perch, zander, carp and whitefish.

The west coast areas of Hvide Sande, Thorsminde, Agger Tange and Hanstholm include excellent fishing grounds for flatfish, cod, mackerel, herring and garfish, and charter boats depart daily to take deep sea anglers to the Yellow Reef.

Trout fishing is rich and varied in this area, in particular in the Limfjord, as well as various estuaries, such as Skjern, Vide, Brede, Omme and Ribe, which are full of brown trout, grayling and sea trout. This area is also excellent for salmon fishing. There are also numerous trout lakes, and the lakes of Karlsgaarde, Flynder and Stubbegaard are home to pike and perch.

East Jutland has hundreds of kilometres of shoreline where sea trout, cod, flatfish and garfish may be caught. Popular places include Randers, Mariager, the Djursland peninsula, Samsoe and the Bay of Aarhus. Tour boats from Ebeltoft, Grenaa, Hou and Samsoe provide opportunities for sea fishing for cod, flatfish and garfish.

The Lake District in central Jutland features the biggest concentration of lakes in one place, with pike, bass and zander. There are also numerous trout lakes, and a large number of rivers which offer excellent fishing for river trout, sea trout and salmon.

In south-east Jutland, the Wied river, the Gels river, Kongeaaen and the Fjord of Horsens are well-known bodies of water for sea trout and whitefish. In addition to sea trout, many areas of the shoreline have cod and flatfish. The area contains many trout lakes, as well as lakes with pike, bass, carp, roach and zander.


In the Greater Copenhagen area, boats depart daily for deep sea fishing excursions in the Sound, for cod, flatfish, herring, garfish, mullet and, in season, mackerel. Lakes such as Furesoe and Bagsvaerd contain pike, perch, zander, eel and whitefish. There are also many trout lakes. The area offers excellent stretches for coastal angling for sea trout in the Isefjord, while in the Bay of Koege sea trout, cod, flatfish and mullet can be caught.

In West Zealand, the Great Belt and the Isefjord are home to sea trout, cod, mullet and flatfish. There are also trout lakes and a multitude of other waters and lakes, such as Tystrup-Bavelse Lake, Soroe Lake, Tuel Lake and Tissoe, which contain pike, perch, zander, eel, carp and whitefish.

North Zealand has many classic coastal fishing spots for sea trout, cod, flatfish, mullet and garfish. Excursion boats depart every day from Sjaellands Odde for deep sea fishing in the Sound, where cod, flatfish and garfish can be caught, as well as mackerel in season. There are also a number of good trout lakes in the region and many marshes and lakes such as Farum Lake, Esrum Lake and Gurre Lake, which have pike, perch, zander and whitefish in abundance.

In southern Zealand, there are many good sea trout spots such as Ulslev Strand, as well as the coastal areas of Hestehoved, Pomlenakke and Schweizertrappen. Cod, mullet, flatfish and, during the season, garfish may be caught in this area.

Marshes and lakes, such as Maribo Lakes, Guldborg Sound, Sakskoebing Fjord and the inner Nakskov Fjord have good-sized populations of whitefish, pike, zander and perch. There are also trout lakes in this region. Charter boats depart from Korsoer and Onsevig for sea-fishing trips for cod, flatfish, herring and garfish.

Bornholm Island

This rocky island in the Baltic Sea provides opportunities for coastal fishing for sea trout, and is renowned for its large salmon. Tour boats offer sea fishing from Gudhjem for cod, flatfish, mullet, garfish and herring during the season, and the island provides excellent fishing for pike, bass, tench, eel and carp. There are also trout lakes on the island.

Funan Island

This island is famous for its coastal fishing, with a plentiful supply of sea trout. Along the coastline there are promising fishing spots for flatfish, mullet and cod. Charter boats depart from Funen and the surrounding islands for sea fishing for cod, flatfish and garfish. Herring may be caught in the Little Belt, the Great Belt and the Langeland Belt. Funen also has some prime trout lakes, as well as lakes and marshes containing pike and perch.