The Tax Card

Information about the mandatory e-tax card, and how to apply for one…

Anybody who works in Denmark must have an e-tax card, which states an employee's personal allowance and the percentage tax rate that they need to pay.

The card consists of two parts. The secondary "B" part is only used if an individual has several employers in Denmark. The main, primary part of the card allows employers to retrieve tax information electronically so that they can make the correct deductions from an employee's wages.

To apply for a tax card it is necessary to complete the Danish Tax Authority form 04.063. The completed form should be mailed to the local tax office with a copy of the applicant's passport, or other form of identification and a marriage certificate if applicable.

  • To download form 04.063 to apply for a tax card: Click here

The Danish tax authority webpage has a search engine which allows residents to find their nearest tax office by entering their postcode.

All employees in Denmark also require a NemKonto Easy Account which is a normal bank account through which residents receive payments from the public sector, including tax refunds.

  • To find out more about NemKonto Easy Accounts: Click here



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