Leaving Denmark and Moving On

Find out how to close bank accounts, end contracts for utilities and insurance, export cars, move pets and notify residency officials when leaving Denmark…

There are a number of areas which need to be considered before departure when leaving Denmark and moving on elsewhere:

  • Local Authorities
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Financial Issues
  • Housing Issues
  • Exporting a Car
  • Exporting Pets

Local Authorities

A permanent relocation to another country must be reported to the local municipal authorities within five days after the move. The relocation can then be registered with the Central Registration System (CPR). The health insurance card must be handed in to the local authorities.

  • To find contact details for Citizens' Services (Borgerservice) in any municipality in Denmark: Click here and enter Borgerservice in the Hvad søger du? box and the name of the municipality in the Hvor box

There are four International Citizen Service centres in Denmark which specifically focus on helping foreigners with information and paperwork. They are located in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense.

  • For contact details of the four International Citizen Service centres: Click here

Post and Mail Forwarding

Postal services in Denmark are run by Post Danmark. It operates a free-of-charge mail forwarding service for those moving house, whereby mail (not parcels or magazines) is forwarded to the new address for six months. This service can be extended for a further six months. An application form can be obtained from post offices, and should be handed in at least five days before the service is required. Proof of identity, for example a passport or driving licence is required to process the application.

Post Denmark also provides a "moving folder" which contains all the necessary forms and applications that an individual may need when moving house in order to inform the relevant authorities. This can be obtained from any post office.

  • To search for a post office: Click here and select Find posthuset from the menu on the right. Then, enter an address, postcode or city in the box, or click on the map
  • For further information about mail forwarding: Click here (in Danish)

Financial Issues


If leaving Denmark permanently, contact the Tax Office (SKAT). A form must be filled in providing SKAT with information about residence and other relevant information.

A tax return must also be submitted and SKAT will issue a statement of tax payment stipulating whether there is still tax to be paid, or if the individual has paid too much tax. Any excess tax paid is reimbursed to the person's Nemkonto account.

Bank accounts

Notify the bank of the move as soon as possible. It may be possible to keep the Nemkonto account open for a period of time after the move to cover any outstanding debits.

Housing Issues

Rental Accommodation

Short-term rental contracts may not be terminated before the end of the fixed rental period. The only exception being when a member of the diplomatic corps has a diplomatic clause (diplomatklausul) included in the tenancy agreement.

A long-term contract may be terminated by the tenant with three months' notice given verbally or in writing (it is strongly advised to give notice in writing). If a tenant is renting a room in a landlord's house, one month's notice is sufficient.

Vacating the property

The tenant must vacate the property by 12:00 on moving day.

Within eight days of leaving, the tenant must provide the landlord with a forwarding postal address.

Within two weeks the landlord must provide details of any refurbishment costs that will be deducted from the deposit (normal wear and tear is accepted and there is no charge for this). The deposit is returned to the tenant once any necessary repairs have been carried out.

Note: that if a tenancy agreement includes the term nyistandsat (brand-new condition) the rental property must be restored to its original condition when moving out, or it is unlikely that any of the deposit will be refunded.

Electricity and gas

The main utility provider and network operator in Denmark is Dong Energy, which provides both electricity and gas.

  • Dong Energy
    : 72 10 20 30
    Open: Monday to Wednesday from 08:00-16:00 and Friday from 08:00-15:00

To disconnect the electricity or gas supply, customers should contact the supplier between three days and one month before moving out.

To disconnect the supply, customers should provide their customer number (Kundenummer) and account number (Kontonummer) which is on the utility bill. Provide the supplier with a final meter reading within five days of moving out; the final bill is then sent within 14 days.


To disconnect landline telephone services, contact the telephone company at least one week before moving out; however, it is advisable to inform the telephone company at least one month before moving.


All Danish insurance policies, including home and car insurance, should be cancelled by contacting the provider. In most cases written notice is required. Car insurance companies may be able to provide proof of any accumulated no claims bonus, which can be used if insuring a vehicle in the new country.

Exporting a Car

The customs requirements in the destination country should be checked well in advance of moving so that all documents and paperwork can be prepared. Consulates or the Embassy in the new country can provide information on registration and licence obligations.

Exporting Pets

Pet owners should ensure that the animal leaving Denmark complies with the regulations of the country it is travelling to. Most countries require documentation to be completed and plenty of time should be allowed for this, as the animal may need veterinary treatment to meet the requirements.

Denmark uses the EU 'Passport for Pets' scheme which enables pets to travel between EU member states. Pets are classed as dogs, cats, ferrets, birds (but not poultry), tropical fish, domestic rabbits, rodents, and invertebrates. However, slightly different criteria exist for different groups of animals. Pets should be accompanied by their owner when they are exported from Denmark. Pet owners should contact their Regional Veterinary and Food Administration Office for specific information about the requirements when exporting pets.

It is essential to ensure that the pet is eligible to travel not only from Denmark but also any other countries it may pass through. Animals must be transported via approved routes.