Moving Pets from Outside the EU

Find out how to import your pet from outside the European Union...

Extra requirements exist for pets (cats, dogs and ferrets) travelling to Denmark from Third Countries (which are countries outside the EU). However, requirements differ depending on where they are travelling from.

Animals, listed in Annex II are able to travel under EU requirements.

Pets, (dogs, cats and ferrets) coming from these countries listed above are able to enter Denmark as long as they fulfil the same the criteria as pets travelling from the EU.

However, pets travelling from Third Countries listed above must also notify Border Inspection Points before importation, at least 24 hours before arrival. When informing the Border Inspection Points of the importation of an animal, the following information should be provided:

  • Information about the animal, owner, such as country of origin
  • Time and date or arrival, flight number if applicable

The pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) must enter Denmark through specified Border Inspection Posts such as Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup or Billund Airport. Border inspection includes document and identity checks.

Contact details for border inspection posts:

  • Border Inspection Post, Kastrup - Copenhagen Airport
    : Kystvejen 16, 2770 Kastrup
    Tel: 72 27 60 00
    Fax: 72 27 60 01
  • Border Inspection Post - Billund Airport
    : Lufthavnvej, 7190 Billund
    Tel: 72 27 55 00
    Fax: 72 27 55 01

Pets moving from any other country outside of the EU and not listed in Annex II, must comply with all EU regulations as detailed above and:

  • Provide evidence of a blood sample testing for the rabies antibody which must be done at least 30 days after the vaccination. This is to prove that the rabies vaccination has taken and the animal has immunity to rabies. This blood sample must be examined by an EU authorised laboratory. In order for the animal to meet the importation requirements, the rabies antibody level must be at least 0.5 IE/ml
    • For a list of qualifying laboratories in Third Countries: Click here
  • If the required antibody level is met, the animal may only enter Denmark three months after the blood sample was drawn.
    The blood sample does not need to be carried out on pets which are re-entering the EU, providing the blood sample was carried out and the animal fulfilled the specified import requirements before it left the country. However, if the rabies vaccination has lapsed during the time the animal was out of the EU, the blood sample will need to be re-taken.
  • For more information about the movement of pets, such as dogs, cats and ferrets, to Denmark: Click here

Other pets

Other pets which are permitted to travel to Denmark under the criteria for non-commercial transport of animals include rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibia, invertebrates, and tropical fish.

  • For information on importing these pets to Denmark: Click here