Moving Puppies and Kittens to Denmark

Find out what restrictions apply when moving very young dogs and cats to Denmark...

The importation of non-vaccinated dogs, cats and ferrets under three months of age is permissible but only under certain conditions:

  • The person bringing the pet into Denmark must have an address in Denmark
  • The animal must be under three months at the time of import
  • Animals must be at least eight weeks old
  • The animal must fulfil the criteria for accompanied travel
  • The animal must not be sold or transfer owner once arriving in Denmark
  • The animal must have ID which meets EC Regulations and have a valid EU Pet Passport or veterinary certificate
  • The animal must come from one of the countries listed in Annex II

Applications to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration must be made in advance. This must be completed and signed and submitted into a local Veterinary Control Office.

  • To download an application form: Click here (PDF in Danish)

It is possible to scan and email these declaration forms to the appropriate Control Office. Allow at least 30 days to process the application.

Exceptions to this process apply to the import of puppies, kittens from Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the UK which do not need prior application for admission.

  • For comprehensive information about importing pets under three months: Click here

Further information can be obtained from regional veterinary control offices.