Registration of New Citizens in Denmark

Find out how to register with the authorities on arrival in Denmark…

On arrival in Denmark, new citizens must notify the Citizens Service centre of the local municipality office within five days of arrival - or within five days of being issued a residence permit or registration card. They are registered in the Civil Registration System and receive a Civil Registry number. This number is required for all contacts with civil authorities. Proof of address, residence permit or EU Registration Certificate, and passport are required for registration.

  • For further information on the Civil Registry Number: Click here

On registration, new citizens also receive a health card, which is required for all visits to a hospital or doctor.

There are four International Citizen Service Centres that can help newcomers to Denmark with all administrative formalities. These are based in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense.

  • For further information on International Citizen Services: Click here
  • To find a local municipal authority: Click here (in Danish)

Further information for newcomers to Denmark is available on the New to Denmark website: Click here