Residency in Denmark for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals

Understand the visas and permits you’ll need if you are from a non-EU country...

Generally all citizens of non-EU/EEA/Nordic countries and Switzerland need a residence permit for employment or independent business in Denmark. There are a number of different schemes which allow foreign workers to work in Denmark:

  1. The Positive List
  2. The Pay Limit Scheme
  3. The Corporate Residence Permit Scheme
  4. The Greencard Scheme

Temporary residence permits can only be granted for up to three months before the applicant's passport expires.

Extending a residence/work permit

Applications to extend a residence permit must be submitted within two months of the permit's expiry date. Applications after this date may be refused as the holder is considered to be residing illegally in Denmark.

To benefit from an extension, the applicant must meet the conditions for the original residence permit. Application forms can be obtained from Citizen Service Centres (Borgerservice) or from local Police stations for those residing outside of the Greater Copenhagen area.

  • For further information on extending a residence permit: Click here