EU and Nordic Driving Licences

All valid EU and Nordic driving licences <strong>can be used in Denmark</strong> and can also be exchanged for a Danish licence...

The municipal Borgerservicecenter (Citizen Service Centre) is the administrative body responsible for all driving licence applications.

All non-EU citizens resident in Denmark are required to exchange their driving licence for a Danish driving licence on receiving a Danish CPR (Danish personalised identification number). A CPR number is obtained on registering with the Civil Registration System for temporary or permanent residence. All non-EU citizens intending to stay more than three months in Denmark must register with the Civil Registration System within five days after arrival in the country.

International driver's licences are valid in Denmark and may be used for temporary visits.

Driving Licences from Nordic or EU/EEA Countries

A driver with a licence from either a Nordic or EU/EEA country does not have to exchange their driving licence for a Danish driving licence. However, EU/EEA citizens may exchange their driving licence for a Danish one if they so wish by visiting the local Citizen Services Centre (Borgerservice) with the following documents:

  • Original and current driving licence
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Fee

After submitting this information and completing the necessary application form, a Danish driving licence is sent to the applicant's home address within two weeks. It is possible to have a valid licence up to the age of 70 if the application is made with a health certificate from a Danish doctor. Without this health certificate the expiry date on the foreign driving licence is transferred to the Danish one.