Non-EU Licence Exchange

Find out which non-EU driving licences qualify for an exchange and the procedure to follow...

Anyone relocating to Denmark on a temporary or permanent basis with a non-EU/EEA driving licence is required to exchange their licence for a Danish one in order to drive in Denmark. This must be done no later than 14 days after a Danish CPR (personal identification number) has been issued.

It is illegal to drive on a non-EU/EEA driving licence once gaining temporary or permanent residence (and being issued with a CPR number) in Denmark. Failure to exchange the licence within this timeframe incurs a fine.

Municipal citizen service centres (Borgerservice) deal with driving licence exchange. The following documents are required:

  • Current driving licence
  • CPR number
  • Passport or original birth certificate
  • Evidence of residence permit
  • Passport photo
  • Health certificate issued by a Danish doctor
  • Driving licence exchange fee

Any driving licence not in German, English or French must be translated. The translation must be by an authorised translator approved by the National Commission of Danish Police or by a state authorised translator.

Doctor's certificate

A Health Certificate issued by a Danish doctor is needed in order to exchange a licence. The doctor requires an approved passport photo to issue the certificate.

Passport photos

  • Strict rules apply for the passport photos, for information: Click here (PDF)

Temporary licence

Once the application to exchange a non-EU/EEA driving licence for a Danish one has been made, a temporary licence is issued. This can be used for up to two months. During this time, a theory and driving test must be completed before a Danish driving licence can be issued.

Drivers with licences issued in Japan, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine and Brazil or from the Australian Capital Territory do not need to take any theory or practical tests.

If all the necessary formalities cannot be carried out within the two months' timeframe, the Borgerservice can extend the temporary licence.

Theory and driving test

Non-EU/EEA driving licence holders do not legally have to take theory or practical lessons; however, a fee is applicable if either test is failed. There are companies who offer instruction in English but this can be very expensive.

  • The Danish Drivers Instructors Association provides a list of local driving schools in Denmark: Click here

The first theory test is included in the initial driving licence exchange application fee paid at the Borgerservice, but if this is failed on the first attempt, a retake test is required and a fee is charged. The theory test is in Danish but an authorised translator is permitted.

It is only possible to take the practical driving test once the theory test has been successfully passed. A translator is permitted for the practical driving test, although the cost can be high.

After successfully completing the theory and practical test a temporary driving licence is issued and a Danish EU licence follows three to four weeks later.

  • For more information about exchanging a non-Danish driving licence: Click here (PDF)

Once a driving licence has been exchanged, the original licence is surrendered to the Borgerservice and forwarded to the police. If leaving Denmark, contact the police in order to recuperate the original foreign driving licence.