Car Taxes in Denmark

Find out about the different taxes that you may have to pay if you own a vehicle in Denmark…

Car taxes in Denmark include:
  • Vehicle registration tax - applied to individual passenger vehicles and payable as soon the vehicle is driven on public roads. It must be paid on all newly registered vehicles, including motorcycles, taxis, and buses up to four tonnes. Registration tax is only payable on a car once in its lifetime and this tax is very high. It is not necessary to pay registration tax again if the owner changes.
 Vehicle registration tax can be calculated online  
  • Vehicle excise duty - annual tax based on the weight of a vehicle and payable on all vehicles registered before June 1997. After this date a green owner tax is applicable instead.
  • Green owner tax - annual tax calculated based on the vehicle's fuel consumption with the intention of reducing environmental damage caused by cars. Fuel efficient cars are eligible for a reduction in green owner tax
SKAT has more on weight and green owner tax
  • Countervailing charges - a tax payable for all diesel cars. It is charged to counteract the difference in tax on petrol and diesel cars so that the same amount of tax is paid by drivers regardless of whether they drive a petrol or diesel car
All vehicle owners, who have vehicles registered in Denmark, must pay vehicle excise duty or green owner tax and diesel car owners must pay countervailing charges. Taxes are paid up to four times a year to the Central Motor Vehicle Registry. Commercial vans and lorries, and vintage and electric cars are subject to different road taxes and tax rates.