Parking in Denmark

Rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and car parks in Denmark…

Parking restrictions apply in most towns and cities in Denmark. They are strictly enforced but parking regulations are clearly indicated. In some towns or cities, such as Copenhagen, free parking is available with time restrictions. Limited waiting times are always indicated on parking signs where hours written in black or white refer to workdays, hours in brackets refer to Saturday and hours in red refer to Sunday and holidays.

In areas where there is free parking with a time restriction a parking disc is required to show the time of arrival. Discs are available from banks, gas stations, post offices and tourist offices. Parking meters and pay and display ticketing also operate in towns where a fee is required in order to park.

Private car parks also operate in towns and cities which have their own parking rules and fees. In some areas of Copenhagen, idling (stationary with the motor turned on) over three minutes is prohibited. General parking rules include:

  • Stopping is only allowed in the right side of the street and is prohibited on main roads and motorways
  • Parking is prohibited at full-drawn centrelines where the distance between the line and the car is less than three metres
  • Parking is prohibited less than five metres from a pedestrian crossing or end of a cycle path and less than 10 metres from an intersection
  • Parking is prohibited on cycle paths and pedestrian crossings
  • Parking is prohibited at bus stops where the kerb is painted yellow or within 12 metres of a bus stop sign

Parking fines

Parking regulations are strictly enforced and any violation of traffic regulations means an on the spot fine may be issued. Traffic wardens also operate in towns and cities and are able to issue fines for parking offences. Unlawfully parked vehicles can result in a fine of DKK510 which may be demanded on the spot.

Police are also authorised to tow away unlawfully parked cars. Any car that is towed away is subject to additional fines, along with the parking offence fine.

The City of Copenhagen website has more on the city's Parking Rules

PNord have  more on parking regulations in Denmark (PDF)