Road Traffic Accidents in Denmark

Information on what to do when you have a road traffic accident and how to make an accident report for your insurer after a car crash...

In Denmark all cars must be covered by compulsory third party liability insurance, which covers injury and/or damage that may be caused to other people or their property.

In the Event of an Accident

  • If there are injuries, Tel: 112 for ambulance and police services; the non-emergency number for police is 114
  • Stop immediately
  • Alert oncoming traffic
  • Preserve all evidence
  • Help injured people, if there are any. Do not move an injured person unless they are in danger of a further injury

If the accident is serious, or there is a disagreement regarding circumstances of the accident, the police write a report which is used when making a claim.

At the scene of an accident

Anyone involved in an accident in Denmark must stop at the scene. Under Danish law all accidents involving any personal injury or dispute must be reported to the local police. The vehicle should not be moved unless it is in a dangerous position which might lead to another accident.

In the event of an accident, full insurance details should be collected from everybody involved so that when a claim is made as much detail as possible can be provided. The following information is required:

  • Names and addresses of all drivers involved in the accident
  • Driving licence number
  • Insurance details of every driver involved
  • Number plates of the vehicles involved
  • Details of the vehicles involved (make, model)

If possible, take pictures of the accident scene for police and insurance purposes. Police also usually require those drivers involved in an accident to take a breathalyser test or blood test to check levels of alcohol in the blood. Any drink driving offence incurs strict penalties in Denmark.

Making a Claim

Insurance companies generally provide a standard accident report/claim form (Skadesanmeldelse) that can be used in the event of an accident. If the police were present at the scene of the accident, send a copy of the police report to the insurance company.

An insurance claim can be submitted online on the insurance company's website or by telephone. Claims must be made within six months of the accident.