Importing and Registering a Foreign Vehicle

Find out about bringing a car or motorcycle into the country, including import taxes and duties...

If a car is registered in a country outside of Denmark, it must be re-registered within 14 days of arrival if taking up residence in Denmark, or within 14 days of obtaining a CPR number (personal identification number). A registration tax must be paid.

A resident is someone who is planning to stay in Denmark for more than 365 days, or who has stayed in Denmark for 365 days within the previous 24 months.

Registration of all vehicles is carried out by the Central Register for Motor Vehicles (Centralregisteret for Motorkøretøjer), which is administered by the Danish government body, SKAT, which is responsible for tax, customs and duties.

Comprehensive information on importing a vehicle can be obtained from SKAT on their website: Importing a vehicle. Information can also be obtained by telephone, Tel: 72 22 27 96

Import Procedure

The process of importing a vehicle to Denmark has four main steps:

  1. Apply for a permit to drive a foreign registered vehicle in Denmark.
  2. Carry out an ordinary technical inspection and a customs inspection.
  3. Register the vehicle with SKAT.
  4. Pay registration tax and any applicable customs duties and VAT.
To calculate the amount of the registration tax in advance, a binding ruling can be requested from SKAT. This process can take up to seven weeks.

Permit to Drive a Foreign Registered Vehicle in Denmark

The first step for all vehicles is to fill in the application for a permit to drive a foreign registered vehicle in Denmark.
  • To download the application for permit to drive a foreign registered vehicle in Denmark (form 21.059E) PDF
The application form must be sent, along with a photocopy of proof of employment, study or residence, and a photocopy of the vehicle's registration document, to the following address:
  • SKAT, Helgeshøj, Allé 9, 2630, Taastrup
Once the vehicle owner receives the permit it must be carried at all times when driving, until the vehicle has been registered. Driving without the permit can incur a fine.

Vehicle Inspection

In order to register a vehicle on Danish number plates, the vehicle must undergo an ordinary technical inspection and a customs inspection. This must be conducted by an authorised inspection centre (synshall), and can be carried out by the Danish Motorist Association - FDM. The inspection is to determine the vehicle's identity, number of kilometres, features and general condition.

The vehicle's registration certificate and the service manual for the vehicle should be taken to the inspection.

Registering the Vehicle

Once the vehicle has passed the inspection, the following documents should be taken to the nearest tax (SKAT) centre:
  • Vehicle inspection form and the customs inspection form issued by the inspection authority
  • Foreign registration certificate
  • Proof of payment of customs duty (if importing a vehicle from a non-EU country)
  • Application for payment of registration tax.
  • To download the form: Payment of registration tax
  • Deposit for registration tax
By law, all vehicles must have liability insurance before they can be registered.