Licence/Number Plates in Denmark

The final step in importing a car to Denmark: changing the foreign licence plates...

Once the vehicle has been registered with the Digital Motor Register (det Digitale Motorregister) Danish number plates are issued at the tax centre by the number plate desk. The following documents are required:
  • Vehicle inspection form and the customs inspection form issued by the inspection authority.
  • Foreign registration certificate
  • Receipt of payment of registration tax
  • Form from SKAT with the decision of the valuation of the car
  • Insurance certificate
  • Fee for the number plates
Registration numbers are made up of two letters followed by one to five numbers. Number plates can be rectangular or square and are white with a red border.

Leaving Denmark

If moving away from Denmark, it is possible to apply for a refund of registration tax that has been paid. More details on the SKAT website
  • SKAT Helgeshøj Allé 9 2630 Taastrup
  • Tel: 72 22 27 96

Further Information