Taxes and Duties

Find out about the registration tax, VAT and other duties that may have to be paid when importing your vehicle to Denmark...

Registration tax

Registration tax is paid once in the vehicle's lifetime in Denmark. It is not paid again if the vehicle is sold.

The registration tax for a car is 105% of the taxable value up to DKK 106,600 in 2017 (DKK 104,300 for the period of 22nd November - 31st December 2016) and 150% of the rest.

This tax is calculated once all the registration documents have been submitted to SKAT. The decision concerning the valuation of the vehicle is then sent to the owner of the vehicle. A deposit for the registration tax is paid when registering the vehicle. The owner must allow for a change in this amount once the vehicle has been valued.

SKAT has comprehensive details on Registration Tax and an online calculator If planning to stay in Denmark for one to three years it is possible to apply to pay the registration tax quarterly.

Taxes and duties

Other taxes and duties are collected annually on all cars registered in Denmark including vehicle excise duty or green owner tax. The extent of these taxes depends partly on the type of vehicle and its usage.

VAT and customs duty

An imported vehicle registered in another EU country is not liable for VAT if it has exceeded 6,000 Km and is more than six months old. Customs duty and VAT are normally charged on vehicles imported from non-EU countries. Customs duty is approximately ten percent and is based on the vehicle's invoice price.