Starting a Business in Denmark

Information on establishing a business in Denmark: residency requirements, registration and Central Business Register (CVR) number, types of company and workplace insurance...

It is quick and easy to establish a new business in Denmark. Much of the registration process can be done online and there is no requirement for notarised contracts. A new business can start operating very quickly. There is also flexibility in the language which can be used when registering a limited liability company. The paperwork can be completed in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. Some can also be done in English.

Residency Requirements When Starting a Business

Citizens of European Union countries are allowed to run a business in Denmark. There is no residency requirement for the managers of a new business. This applies to members of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board shareholders.

Types of Company

There are four main types of company which can be established in Denmark:

  1. A/S, a limited liability company. This is the only type that can be listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and is for medium to large companies. The minimum initial capital investment needed is DKK 500,000, at least 25 percent of which must be paid when the company is formed. Such companies must have a two-tier management system: a Board of Directors of at least three people and an Executive Board with at least one member.
  2. ApS, a small to medium-sized limited liability company. The minimum investment needed is DKK 80,000, at least 25 percent of which must be paid initially. Company management can be via an Executive Board, with at least one member. A Board of Directors or Supervisory Board is optional.
  3. A Branch can be set up to do business defined by the objectives of a head office. Liability lies solely with the head office and there is no minimum investment required. At least one branch manager must be registered.
  4. A Representative Office is often set up as part of the process of establishing a business in Denmark. This is the only type of company that is not required to register with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. There is no initial capital requirement and all liability is held by the foreign organisation creating the office.
    All companies pay corporate income tax at a rate of 25 percent in Denmark.


NemID is a system used in Denmark to allow a common online login for accessing Internet services provided by banks and public authorities. A NemID is essentially a digital signature. The system is the result of collaboration between Danish banks and the state. It is necessary to obtain a NemID signature when starting a company.

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