Registration and the CVR Number

Information on registering a business and getting a CVR number in Denmark...

All companies created in Denmark must be registered with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. When forming a new business, this must be done at least eight days before starting operations. Further registration with other specialist authorities may also be needed in some areas of business. Upon registering, the Commerce and Companies Agency sends the relevant information to the Danish tax authorities to ensure that the company is VAT registered. In Denmark, SKAT is responsible for the collection of VAT and duties. All Danish companies must be registered with them.

SKAT also provides details on starting a business and advice to companies on tax, duty and VAT issues.

All companies in Denmark are required to have an identification number known as a Central Business Register (CVR) number. When a new company is registered, the Danish authorities carries out checks to ensure that it is an independent business. Once registered, a company's information is stored on a database and is publicly available.

To register a new company and get a CVR number, it is necessary to fill in a form which can be submitted online, by post or by email. There is a fee for registering some types of company.

Registration of a company occurs immediately if the paperwork is submitted online, along with the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association. To ensure that the initial capital is paid, lawyers, bank employees and accountants can log on to confirm the type of payment using their NemID. Once the registration process is complete, a registration receipt is sent by email, along with the CVR number.


RUT is a register for foreign companies that provide a service in Denmark. It is a digital register holding information about the company. Registration must be completed before the service begins.

Workplace Insurance

In Denmark, all employees must be insured against occupational illness and accidents at work. The insurance company needs to complete a form and to register the policy with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. Motor insurance is also necessary if the company has a vehicle.