Claiming Unemployment Benefit

Information about the procedure for claiming unemployment benefits in Denmark...

If an employee is made redundant, they should register on their first day of unemployment with the Public Employment Service (staten i jobcenteret). This can either be done through their website,, or at one of the Public Employment Service offices.

They must then inform their unemployment insurance fund, and present the benefit card that is issued once registration as a job applicant has been completed.

In order to be able to claim unemployment benefits, a person must be available for work and be able to prove that they are actively seeking employment.

To be eligible for benefits, the person must have worked at least 52 weeks in the previous three years and have been a member of an insurance fund for at least one year. However, periods of unemployment insurance in another EU country can be included in order to calculate entitlement to benefit. This only applies if an application to an insurance fund in Denmark has been made within eight weeks of the end of unemployment contributions in another country.

The amount of unemployment benefit paid is approximately 90 percent of the previous salary, up to a maximum amount per week. It is calculated on the basis of the last 12 months' salary. Benefits are paid for up to two years in a three-year period. Benefits cease to be paid when the unemployed person reaches the age of 65.

Information on entitlement to unemployment benefits is available from insurance funds and Public Employment Service offices.

The Ministry of Employment has more on unemployment insurance in Denmark