Applying for a Residence/Work Permit

Information on how and where to apply to the authorities and the paperwork required...

When applying for a residence and work permit as an employee, for example under the Positive List scheme, Corporate scheme or Athlete scheme, it is necessary for the applicant and the employer in Denmark to supply information and complete the relevant residence permit application form.

Different application forms apply for different residence permit schemes.

For job seekers under the Greencard scheme it is only necessary for the applicant to complete the application form.

It is also necessary to complete application forms for residency for any accompanying family members (spouses and children) who are intending to accompany the residence permit holder to Denmark.

Applications should be submitted to the Danish Embassy or Consulate in the applicant's home country. If already residing legally in Denmark, (for example on another residence permit, visa or under EU regulations), the application should be submitted to the Service Centre of the Immigration Service in Greater Copenhagen, or at the local police who then forward it to the Immigration Service.

Once the application has been processed the Immigration Service makes its ruling. This is sent to the Consulate or Embassy for applicants outside of Denmark. Applicants within Denmark can have the ruling sent to their home address or attorney.


A fee is applicable for all applications and is payable when the application is submitted. The fee applies for any applications for extension to temporary residence permits, as well as new applications. Processing fees also apply for appeals.

Duration of Residence Permits

Temporary residence permits can only be granted for up to three months before the applicant's passport expires.

A temporary residence permit can be issued for up to a month before the first day of employment if it can be proved there are sufficient funds to support the applicant (and any accompanying family members) during this time. Otherwise it is issued for 14 days before the employment contract is due to start. The duration of the residence permit depends on the scheme for which it has been granted.

After five years of temporary residence, a permanent residence visa can be applied for if certain requirements are met.

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