Residence and Work Permits

Find out who needs a temporary residence permit to live and work in Denmark…

Temporary residence permits allow non-Danish residents to reside and work in Denmark. Whether or not a residence permit is required in order to work in Denmark depends on nationality. There are a number of different types of residence permits available to those nationalities that need a permit/visa to live and work in Denmark. The type of work permit depends primarily on qualifications and the type of employment.

Holders of a Danish residence permit based on family reunification or asylum, or on humanitarian grounds, do not need a permit in order to work in Denmark.

Residence permits: Nordic, EU/EEA and Swiss citizens

Nordic citizens do not require a permit to work, live or study in Denmark.

EU/EEA citizens and Swiss citizens may reside and work in Denmark under the EU regulations for freedom of movement. For example, EU/EEA citizens may reside in Denmark for a period of up to three months without having to have a registration certificate and this stay may be extended to six months, if seeking work. After six months a registration certificate is required under the EU rules.

Registration Certificate: EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

It is necessary for EU citizens to get a Registration Certificate if residing in Denmark for over three months without seeking a job or over six months if seeking a job.