Healthcare for Toddlers and Young Children

Find out about the healthcare services and facilities available for expectant parents, babies, toddlers and young children in Dubai...

Most foreign workers have private health insurance for themselves and their families. Foreign workers can have access to government medical facilities, but the government is putting pressure on companies to provide medical insurance for their employees which will help relieve expatriate pressure on government health care programmes.

The standard and availability of healthcare is excellent. Latifa Hospital (formerly Al Wasl Hospital) is recognised as a leading centre for obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and paediatric surgery.

With a small population and numerous facilities in both the private and government sectors, waiting lists are almost unheard of. However, in certain instances specialised treatment may not be available locally.

Some of Dubai's doctors and medical staff are local, but many are foreign and were trained in their home countries. It is not difficult to find English- speaking doctors.

Common health problems among expatriates of all ages include respiratory problems (usually caused by the sand and dust in the air) sunstroke and sunburn, as well as dehydration. Parents need to be especially vigilant with small children and are advised to carry plenty of bottled water with them at all times and never to leave children in the car unattended even for very short periods.

Non-urgent medical care

Dubai does not have separate doctor's surgeries. Doctors are based in hospitals and clinics in both the government and private sector.

Make an appointment at a local clinic if a child is unwell. Even without an appointment patients are usually seen quite quickly. For those requiring non-urgent medical care there are plenty of English-speaking doctors.

In addition, Dubai has a dedicated private children's medical centre- KidsFIRST. They offer a whole range of services including post-natal care, a  paediatrician who is on site and speech and physical therapy.

There is also a service called Dial a Doctor. Doctors are multi-lingual (English, French, Dutch, Arabic), Western-qualified, and they can provide a range of services including house calls, home care for those with disabilities, regular health checks for all ages, general advice on medical facilities in Dubai and liaison with other medical professionals.

They accept calls 24 hours a day for all medical problems.

  • Tel: 04 395 2090

Parents can find other clinics and medical resources at DubaiKidz. There are also extensive facilities and resources at the Dubai Healthcare City, including paediatric clinics.

Ongoing medical care

The Department of Health and Medical Services is responsible for the government Child Health Services department.

It is their responsibility to assess and monitor child development including screening and the early detection and treatment of childhood diseases. They are also responsible for Dubai's immunisation programme.

They also assist parents where children require specialist treatment or referral. This includes children with disabilities or behavioural problems. Their remit extends to helping parents with nutritional advice, combating accidents in the home and the general social care of young children.

  • Their services can be accessed via any Primary Health Care centre. For links and addresses for these centres in Dubai: Click here


In an emergency Tel: 999 or go directly to the nearest hospital. Emergency treatment is available to everyone in Dubai whatever their residency status. Without a UAE medical card any follow-up treatment is charged.

There are always pharmacies open for prescriptions. To find a 24-hour pharmacy, Tel: 04 223 2323 in Dubai.