Living With Teenagers

Guidelines for parents and their young adults in Dubai...

Dubai is recognised globally as one of the safest places to live in or visit. In many ways, Dubai can be a great place for teenagers. However, foreign youth and their parents need to be made aware of what is and what is not considered acceptable behaviour, as it may differ from what they may have seen in their home country.

Conduct and Public Decency

Parents need to be aware that even minors aged 7 to 18 years can be arrested and given jail sentences. Parents, as the child's sponsor, can also be held criminally and financially responsible for any laws broken.

It is illegal to:

  • Drink or try to buy alcohol unless you are over 21 years old
  • Use, buy or sell drugs
  • Have sexual relationships or be pregnant outside marriage
  • Have an abortion
  • Use foul language and offensive gestures

Teens should adhere to the same public decency guidelines as adults: wear appropriate clothing, do not engage in romantic behaviour in public (including holding hands) and respect the customs of Islam.