Holiday Activities in Dubai

Find out about options for keeping your teens occupied during the school holidays...

The school year in Dubai is divided into three terms: autumn, spring and summer. Due to the hot climate, the summer holidays run from late June to early September. Because of the heat many families (or at least mothers and children) leave Dubai during July and August. However, for those who remain, there are summer camps for teenagers (many of them sports orientated) and lots of additional indoor entertainment.

Parents can find camps advertised on the DubaiKidz website. Alternatively Time Out Dubai publicises many of the camps available. Private clubs also run a variety of activities for young people.

Dubai has a number of parks and beaches which provide a full day's entertainment. Information on these venues can be found on the Dubai tourist website or at Dubai Kidz.

Voluntary Work and Exchanges

Youngsters can volunteer to work with others via initiatives such as the Teens 4 Positive Action group. This group is supported by various schools such as the American School of Dubai who encourage pupils to get involved.

Local voluntary organisations accepting teenage volunteers include: Volunteer in Dubai, Dubai Cares, and Community Development Authority.

Additional information on voluntary work worldwide can be found by contacting, which specialises in finding volunteers for projects throughout the world or the International Voluntary Service (IVS).

Youth Organisations and Clubs

Many schools and organisations run after school activities and clubs. There are activities for all ages and interests including sports, acting, singing, music and tutoring. Most of these come at an additional cost and the options available vary by school and area. These include: