Teenage Drivers

Information on the regulations affecting teenagers behind the wheel in Dubai...

The minimum age for obtaining a driving licence in Dubai is 18 years and 17 years for a motorcycle.

Teenagers with valid licences from their home country who want to transfer their licence may do so, provided they come from a country which has an agreement with Dubai. They must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driving licence, a residence visa in Dubai, and then submit the necessary application form and fee.

Learner drivers

New drivers take a test. Applicants must go to a certified driving school for training.

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A minimum of 40 lessons are taken by those applying for a first licence in Dubai regardless of nationality. The 40 classes include 15 indoor/theory classes and 25 classes on the road. The test in Dubai has various parts. For those who have signed up with a larger driving school, the initial Garage and Parking test may well be carried out internally. If not it will be necessary to go to the Dubai Traffic Department at Al Ghusais.

There is also the Signal test, which is either oral or computerised. This is also undertaken at the Dubai Traffic Department in Al Qusais. Applicants are required to identify road signs and to respond correctly to driving scenarios. Those who pass are given a road test date and those who fail are given another appointment for the signal test.

The road test is the final stage. The initial fee for the driving licence includes payment for one road test. Subsequent tests must be paid for and there is an additional fee for the use of a vehicle to take the test in. In addition, people who fail their test will have to wait a minimum of one month before their next test date and must complete seven additional classes.

Having passed the test individuals under the age of 21 is issued a driving license that needs to be renewed annually.

Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy on drinking and driving. Drivers can be stopped and checked at any time.

Vehicles must have at least third party insurance.