Animal Welfare Organisations

Who to call for animal information, animal rights organisations and other associations for the protection of cats, dogs and other pet animals...

There are no official branches of any internationally recognised animal welfare organisations in Dubai. Some organisations like Feline Friends and K9 Friends are affiliated with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Most of the animal welfare organisations in Dubai rescue and rehome stray animals.

  • Dubai Animal Rescue Centre
    : 050 858 7844 / 050 872 7072 / 050 872 7073
    Fax: 04 347 5242
  • Feline Friends Dubai: Rescues and cares for feral and stray cats. As a member of WSPCA, Feline Friends launched a sterilisation campaign aimed at controlling the number of street cats in Dubai. The organisation works with Dubai Municipality to humanely catch, sterilise and release feral cats. Feline Friends also runs an adoption and foster programme for the cats and kittens they have rescued.
  • Friends of Animals
  • K9Friends