Finding a School

Things to take into account when choosing a school in Dubai...

Location: Traffic can be a problem in some parts of Dubai making school runs difficult. Narrowing down school choices to those located close to the home is advisable. Many private schools offer bus services for an additional fee.

Special Needs: Although a Federal law states schools may not refuse admission to a child based on learning difficulties or special needs, places in mainstream schools can be difficult to find. Many private sector schools do offer learning support for dyslexia and other learning difficulties, but parents need to check that it is of the necessary standard.

Additionally, for some special needs students, schools may require parents to hire a "shadow" teacher to assist the child through one-on-one interaction. If a child is disabled or requires specialised education try the Al Noor Centre for more information on this subject.

Adjustment to Curriculum: If a child is having trouble adjusting to the school's curriculum and the parents decide to transfer them to another school, keep in mind that the Ministry of Education will not allow a child to skip a grade. This is an issue for students that start in the US curriculum and wish to transfer to the British curriculum because the US curriculum is based on 12 grade levels, while the British curriculum is based on 13. Therefore, a child who is in Grade 1 at a US curriculum school would transfer into a British curriculum school one year below his learning level.