The School Year

Find out the timings of the academic year and school day in Dubai...

The school year in Dubai consists of three terms with a long break during the Summer months. School holidays may vary in private schools but all observe Islamic holidays. Schools do their best to estimate which days off are given for Islamic holidays, but these dates may change slightly because they are based on the lunar calendar.

The school year for Indian curriculum schools runs in 2 terms from April to March with a summer break.

The school week runs from Sunday until Thursday. School timings vary from school to school, but the day typically begins around 08:00 and finishes between 13:00 and 15:00.

The various sports and activities companies normally hold holiday camps during Summer, Winter, and Spring breaks.

Islamic Holidays

The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar (which is 11 days shorter than the solar calendar), therefore holidays do not have set dates and change from year to year. This can cause confusion for some expatriate parents, as private schools issue calendars with approximate dates for holidays and the confirmed dates are usually announced without much notice.

The following is a list of Islamic and public holidays that may affect a private school's calendar:

  • Ramadan: A month long period of fasting for Muslims. If schools are in session during Ramadan, the school days are usually shortened by a couple of hours
  • Eid-al-Fitr: Marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the new month in the Islamic calendar
  • Eid-al Adha - One of the most important religious holidays. It marks the end of Hajj, as well as the sacrifice of Ibrahim's son in the name of Allah
  • UAE National Day: Commemorates the formation of the United Arab Emirates on 2 December 1971
  • Islamic New Year: The beginning of the new year according to the Islamic calendar.
  • Prophet's birthday: Celebrates the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammed
  • Al Isra' Wa Al Miraj - Marks one of the most important journeys made by the prophet Muhammad