Funerals in Dubai

Information on the burial and cremation options available in Dubai, as well as how to arrange repatriation...

Depending on the religion and the nationality of the deceased, the procedures for burial or cremation differ. For all burials and cremations however, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of the deceased's cancelled passport
  • Proof that the residence visa has been cancelled
  • Death certificate
  • No objection letter from the sponsor confirming that all financial obligations are settled


Cremation is possible in Dubai but only in the Hindu manner. It can be carried out at the Hindu Temple in Bur Dubai.

  • Tel: 04 353 5334

As well as the above documents, the next of kin or sponsor must provide written permission and a copy of their passport. No objections letters must also be provided by the Dubai Police, the Dubai Municipality Cemetery Office and the deceased's embassy or consulate.


Christian burials can take place at the Christian cemetery in Jebel Ali. Additional documents to those listed above include a no objection letter from the Dubai Police and a clearance letter from the Municipality Cemetery Office.

Muslim Burials

For a Muslim burial to take place the next-of-kin or guarantor should take their passport to the Dubai Police. As Muslim burials must take place quickly, the death registration procedures may be carried out after the burial. The deceased's passport is kept by the Police until all the documentation has been completed.

  • Further information is available from the Public Health Services Department: Click here
  • For further information on burials and cremation in Dubai: Click here


It is recommended to approach the relevant consulate or embassy for advice on repatriation. Before repatriation the deceased has to be embalmed. This is an international requirement. For those in Dubai this service can be provided at the Al-Maktoum Hospital. Transportation to the airport also needs to be arranged and paid for.

Arrangements for repatriation have to be made through Dnata (a travel and aviation company). For repatriation all the relevant documents need to be translated into English unless the deceased is to be repatriated to an Arabic-speaking country. Seven photocopies and translations are required for each document.

  • For information from Dubai Police on the documents required for repatriation: Click here
  • For further information on transportation to the deceased's country: Click here