Medical Services in Dubai

Information on the hospitals, health clinics, dentists and pharmacies available in Dubai...

All residents, both UAE nationals and expats, can register with their local Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC).

For privately-insured residents, registration with a PHCC or private general practitioner or family doctor is useful for routine care but there are no restrictions on which facility is used as long as the treatment is covered by the insurance policy.

For residents using only public healthcare, the PHCC is usually the first stop for any medical needs, and is where a patient can receive routine medical check-ups from a team of doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals.

PHCC services include outpatient family clinics, child health services, and dental, as well as some specialist clinics such as X-ray departments and a pharmacy.

Private medical services

While Dubai’s government clinics and hospitals offer good services, many people, particularly those who are privately insured, prefer to use private medical facilities.

There is a large number of private doctors in Dubai, many of whom have come from abroad to work in the UAE, so it is often very easy for patients to find a doctor who speaks their language. Appointments can usually be made immediately or on a walk-in basis.

Fees for private medical providers are not regulated. This means they can vary widely and the amount of coverage depends on the patient’s health insurance policy.

Government Hospitals

There are four public hospitals in Dubai where residents and non-residents can go for emergency care. Appointments can also be made in non-emergency cases, but under these circumstances patients should always go to the hospital nearest their home.

Although the fee charged by the hospital is the same for everyone, regardless of nationality, the amount contributed by the patient depends on what kind of health insurance they have and, until 2016, whether they are a UAE national. Anyone without a health card of any kind pays 100 percent of the costs.

Dental Services

Government-run health centres and hospitals provide dental care at a lower price than private clinics.

However, there are a large number of private clinics that offer first-class dental treatment. Some private medical insurance packages include the option for dental cover.


A large number of chemists/pharmacies operate in Dubai, most of which are open from Saturday to Thursday, 09:00-22:00. Most are also open on Fridays, from 16:00-22:00 and some are open 24 hours.


In the event of a medical emergency Tel: 998 or 999.

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