Children and Young People with Disabilities

Information about the services available to young people with disabilities and their parents in Dubai, including details on facilities and activities...

Parents of children with special needs can make use of the services provided by the Dubai Community Health Centre. The Centre aims to help families with children with special needs and learning difficulties by offering parents and teaching staff courses, workshops and seminars on skills, techniques and psychological understanding of children from infancy until adult age.

Trained consultants, psychologists and counsellors are there to help with a variety of special needs including speech and occupational therapy.

  • The website Emirates Special Needs has a list of support groups: Click here

Dubai also has a specialist centre for those with autism, which offers a teaching programme for five to ten year olds.

Out and About with Children with Disabilities

As a growing tourist destination, Dubai continues to develop its facilities for disabled visitors. The airport for example, has facilities for disabled travellers which are detailed on the Department of Tourism website. It prides itself on its Special Needs Tourism, giving details of special services such as accessible shopping etc.

  • For more information on facilities available: Click here

The Riding for the Disabled Association of Dubai (RDAD) is a charity organisation that offers free riding lessons to children with special needs. It works in conjunction with schools for children with special needs in Dubai.

Many of the private hotels and social clubs have excellent facilities for people with disabilities. Children's City Dubai also has specialist facilities for disabled children.

There are a few disabled sports associations such as the World Association of Persons with Disabilities which has a UAE branch. There is also a UAE Disabled Sports Federation.

  • UAE Disabled Sports Federation
    : 06 556 1222